Guardian’s Guide Dev Blog #1: Origins

This is the first official development blog for Guardian’s Guide. In this game you take on the role as guardian, tasked with the duty of raising your daughter from adolescence into adulthood. This project is inspired by the Princess Maker series, so a lot of cues were taken from it in the process of designing this game. The best description for this game is “daughter raising simulation/role playing game”.

I will use these blogs to slowly reveal information about the game while giving details of the work being done behind the scenes as this game grows to completion. Here are a few details I didn’t mention in the video. The game is being developed for PC only at the moment. The game will support up to 4K resolution. The music you hear in the background of the video is the main theme of the game.

This blog will be released alongside the monthly video releases. The things I might forget to mention in the video will be posted here. I will also include images you see in the video posted here as well. Speaking of that, here are the images of the city and the continent that was mentioned in the video.

Starting from the center you have the government buildings, then the affluent directly to the north, then the merchants to the south, followed by the commoners surrounding the inner walls, and lastly the farmers on the outskirts of the city.

Exploration is a big part of the game. This is where most of the RPG elements will come into play.

I’ve spent the last few weeks preparing this website so there hasn’t been a lot of time to work directly on the game. Starting this month I will begin to roll out regular updates on a weekly and monthly basis.

 The monthly updates will be available for all and will include both a blog post and a video. But if you want a more detailed week by week update then please consider becoming a member. Your support will greatly help in completing this game in a timely fashion. Until the next monthly update comes around, stay well my friends.

Weekly Update 4 Jan 2021: The Technology

In this post I will go over the engine and tools being used to make the game Guardian’s Guide. 

Guardian’s Guide is being made on Unity version 2019.4. When I first started making this game it was on Unity version 4.0. Things have changed incredibly since then. The early days of development was more a series of proof of concepts. As time went on and more features were introduced to Unity, more possibilities began to present themselves. The biggest feature being the introduction of the new GUI system. This GUI system is the number one component used in development of this game. But GUI is just one part of the game development process, the guts of a game is it’s logic that the player interacts with.

I don’t consider myself a programmer, but I enjoy dabbling in logical problem-solving. Once I discovered Unity had a series of visual scripting tools available on it’s asset store, I began to experiment. Soon enough I came across the asset named PlayMaker. To this day I consider this the greatest visual scripting tool ever created. I actively use it in the development of Guardian’s Guide, but this isn’t the main tool I use to make the game.

After discovering PlayMaker, I came across another tool named Ork. Ork was a rough but interesting RPG making tool kit. At the time, Ork didn’t support Unity’s new GUI system, so I decided to put the tool kit to the side and just monitor it’s growth. And boy did it grow.

Today the tool is now called Ork Framework. It is the most comprehensive RPG making tool you will find anywhere. If you have ever used RPG Maker, think of that, but with very little limitations and the back end power of Unity. Of course, with this amount of power requires an extensive learning curve. For the longest time I’ve been apprehensive to learning the ins-and-outs of the countless features Ork Framework provided. But faced with the real difficulties of building an RPG from scratch I decided to dive directly into mastering Ork Framework. Needless to say, I now have access to RPG making powers that I only used to dream of back in my RPG Maker days.

During this time of tool learning, another lovely tool arrived on the unity market titled AnyPortrait.

This was an animation tool that focused on animating 2D images via morphing 3D surfaces. Up until this point, the only other tool available that gave you this feature was extremely expensive, it’s commonly known today as Live2d. Ever since the first time I saw this effect in 2D games, I knew I wanted it to be a staple in my games. So when AnyPortrait appeared on the market I immediately acquired it and began to master it. You can see the results in my first weekly update here. You can expect a good portion of the game’s characters to be animated with this effect.

There are many other tools that are contributing to making this game what it is and what it will be on release. Since I’ve been so invested in learning and development I have personally contributed to the development of PlayMaker, Ork Framework, and AnyPortrait by talking directly to the developers and suggesting features or making them aware of critical bugs.

All of these tools are now at a point where I can effortlessly produce the ideal game without compromise. 

I can’t wait to show you what all I can accomplish, until then stay well my friends.


Weekly Update 3 Jan 2021: The Game Plan

In this post I will briefly give an overview of the type of game Guardian’s Guide will be. I will also explain why I chose to make this game.

Guardian’s Guide is a daughter raising simulator/role playing game. You take on the position of Guardian or foster parent who’s job is to guide your daughter from adolescence to adulthood. This game is mostly inspired from the original Princess Maker series, so I’ve taken a lot of cues from it when I was designing the overall gameplay. The timeline of activities is split into weeks. Each weekday for the daughter is spent at a job that is chosen by you. When the weekend arrives you can choose how to spend that time based on events or activities happening or how your daughter might feel during that time. The game focuses on a balancing act of maintaining the health and well-being of the daughter while making sure income and her growth doesn’t suffer in the process.

I’ve always liked the concept of micromanaging as a video game device. Princess Maker was one of the first PC games I’ve played that mixed micromanaging with anime. I don’t even remember how I discovered it but it’s impact has never left my psyche. I figured, since Princess Maker was a rather simple concept to implement, it would make a perfect debut game. 

Unfortunately, game making is never simple!

Even with a seemingly simple concept like Princess Maker, devising a system that accounts for all of the player’s chosen variables is quite the mental workout. There are a lot of different variables in this game, many the player will see and many the player won’t. But that’s the price that’s paid when working with micromanaging as a game concept.

Equally important, is the role-playing aspect of the game. Just like Princess Maker 2 you will be able to equip weapons, armor, and various accessories. You will explore the world of Cel and fight in battles using a turn-based style combat. I will go more in depth about the role-playing aspect of this game at a later date. Just know I’ve implemented features that give this game a distinction from similar concepts while combining the daughter raising characteristic with RPG mechanics.

I was very close to not including any RPG mechanics in this game. The difficulties of building an RPG system is overwhelming. But out of all the genres in video games RPG is my absolute favorite. I didn’t want to get into game making if I wasn’t able to make RPGs.

In the next update I will explain how and why I am able to create the game of my dreams today and not any other time before then. Until then, stay well my friends.


Weekly Update 2 Jan 2021: The World

In this post I’ll give you a brief overview of the world in Guardian’s Guide. This includes full images of the continent you will explore and the city you will inhabit.

This first image is the continent Cel. It comprises many different regions. Besides the city to the southeast, most of the continent is uninhabited by humans. Many ferocious and mysterious creatures roam the land the further you are from the city.

I wanted to present a unique and diverse landscape when I designed this continent. I have many exciting and fun events planned for you as you explore the vast continent. Just know everything you see on this continent was put there intentionally, it will serve a purpose at some point down the road.

The second image is the city-state of Parcel. The continent was actually named after the city. The city was mainly used as a trading port until the population grew to a point we’re a government was needed to manage the people. The government works as a theocracy. (more on this at a later time) Despite the dangers of the outside world, inside the city walls is extremely safe. But the city has become greatly overcrowded, many people have died attempting to explore the uncharted lands. This has resulted in an increase of orphans throughout the city. The government has implemented a guardian program to tackle the orphan crisis. (that’s where you come in) 

There are many districts throughout the city, there’s the government (at the center), the affluent (surrounding the government), the merchants (spread throughout the city), the commoners(the furthest from the center), and the farmers who live and work outside the city. Your daughter will explore and make connections with many people at various social levels. There are a lot of interesting events that will happen throughout the time you’re in the city. I can’t wait till the day you will be able to experience them all!!!

Allugic: The Blueprint

The primary purpose of this website is to document my completion of the project I am currently working on. The schedule I will attempt to follow goes like this: 

-small weekly updates

-large monthly updates

-monthly video updates

The video and large monthly update will be an accumulation of the work I’ve done throughout the month, this includes information from the small weekly updates. This content will be available for everyone.

The small weekly updates is content exclusively for those who wish to support us in the development of this project. So if you wish to see content weeks (or months) before it is shown in the monthly updates I encourage you to become a member and support this project.

In between this schedule I will do sporadic posts and website updates. Despite having a Twitter and a Facebook page I will not spend a lot of time on social media. I will respond to members of this site and those who contact me through this site as well as on the YouTube page, but I will spend the majority of my time working on the game. Making this game is an extreme time sink but it pales in comparison to the time I could spend responding to everyone through social media. So I would like to apologize in advance if I don’t respond to your inquiry right away. I’ll revisit this schedule in a year and reflect on how well it’s worked, until then be well my friends.

Allugic: Origins

I’ve held this domain since the early 2000s. Back in those days this site was mainly a portfolio to showcase the art I created. I still have a DeviantART profile where you can see some of my old doodles. Besides that, I also created games with tools such as RPG Maker 2k and Macromedia Flash. Most of those projects were never released and unfortunately died with the PC due to countless virus infections.(as was the way of the early internet)

In the late 2000s I started using different tools such as Multimedia Fusion and RenP’y. With these tools I’ve actually released a few projects to the internet, some of them were more on the mature end of the spectrum so I won’t name them here.

During the early 2010s my life began to pull me from this site and art/game creation in general. I even lost the rights to this domain for a year. Also during this time period I began to look more into professional game making tools such as Unity. I spent many years learning Unity and the many assets it had available. As my mastery improved, slowly but surely ideas began to form in my head. Long hours at the 9 to 5 allowed me to formulate a blueprint of the type of games I wish to create and the path I would take to get to their completion.

Finally, I spent the last few years of my life preparing for the moment I could return to this site and properly create a game. I have pages of documents, concepts, theories, and summaries of projects I wish (and do not wish) to create. I’ve even gone back and forth about whether to focus on sfw or nsfw. Some point during the last 5 years I began to settle on the idea of a daughter raising sim/RPG. With my first official game decided on I began to build the framework of the game.

Fast forward to 2021 and I am now at a phase where I can fully focus on completing this game and start showing some of the hard work me and many other talented people have put into making this game a reality. There’s still a tremendous amount of work to do but I am extremely excited to be in this position in my life. Making games has been a dream of mines since I was a boy, and now as a man it is a goal I am determined to see through to its completion. I hope you will be here with me through this journey of completing this project and the many other projects I have planned in the future.

Until the next update comes, live well my friends.

Weekly Update 1 Jan 2021: The Star

These first few updates will be unconventional. This is because I’ve been spending the last month building this website to make it presentable. As a result I haven’t had time to directly work on the game. So instead I will use these updates to introduce you to the game world and its characters. Without further ado I want to introduce you to the star of this game.

 She doesn’t have an official name since you will give her a name in the beginning of the game. (I’ve been considering giving her an official alias but I haven’t thought too hard about it, what do you think it should be?)


When I decided to make a daughter raising simulation the first thing I decided on was how the daughter was going to look. Out of the many, many, many, (many) things that have changed over the years this is the one thing that remained the same since day one.


The video below is an image created and animated exclusively to showcase what you can expect from this game. None of this content will be in the monthly update, or at least any time soon so enjoy!