A Daughter Raising Sim/RPG
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Her Your Way

You are a newly assigned Guardian of the city-state, Parcel. Your job? To raise your adopted daughter from preteen to adulthood. Your responsibilities encompass shaping her personality, selecting job professions, managing finances, facilitating adventures, negotiating commerce, and overseeing her diet. Prepare to embark on a story spanning over seven years. Become the greatest Guardian who will Guide their daughter toward her ultimate destiny.


Manage your daughter’s Condition and Mood through Budgeting. Each week will require you to monitor her growth and make changes based on the circumstances of the week. Every interaction can alter her disposition so you must be prepared at all times.


Choose from 12 job professions ranging from Civil Servant, to Storekeeper, to Farmer, to Librarian. The choices in profession will determine the outcome of her life as well as the development of her core stats. Consider your options carefully.

Weekly Events

Each week of your daughter’s life will be preoccupied with an event. Whether it’s working a job, exploring the city, participating in a city holiday or just hanging out at home, there will always be something to engage in.


Complete quest and explore the continent as you and your daughter unravel it’s many secrets. Hidden treasures and mysterious locations await. How will your daughter’s adventure unfold?





Battle against fearsome enemies as your daughter travels across the land of Cel. Aid her on her journey with a selection of over 50 companions to round out her party. There are a vast number of skills and talent to choose from. Help your daughter become the mightiest warrior in all the land.

Title: Guardian’s Guide
Type: Daughter Raising Simulation/RPG
Platform: Steam
Status: In Development – Coming 2024
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