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Weekly Update 3 Jan 2021: The Game Plan
By dre

In this post I will briefly give an overview of the type of game Guardian’s Guide will be. I will also explain why I chose to make this game.

Guardian’s Guide is a daughter raising simulator/role playing game. You take on the position of Guardian or foster parent who’s job is to guide your daughter from adolescence to adulthood. This game is mostly inspired from the original Princess Maker series, so I’ve taken a lot of cues from it when I was designing the overall gameplay. The timeline of activities is split into weeks. Each weekday for the daughter is spent at a job that is chosen by you. When the weekend arrives you can choose how to spend that time based on events or activities happening or how your daughter might feel during that time. The game focuses on a balancing act of maintaining the health and well-being of the daughter while making sure income and her growth doesn’t suffer in the process.

I’ve always liked the concept of micromanaging as a video game device. Princess Maker was one of the first PC games I’ve played that mixed micromanaging with anime. I don’t even remember how I discovered it but it’s impact has never left my psyche. I figured, since Princess Maker was a rather simple concept to implement, it would make a perfect debut game. 

Unfortunately, game making is never simple!

Even with a seemingly simple concept like Princess Maker, devising a system that accounts for all of the player’s chosen variables is quite the mental workout. There are a lot of different variables in this game, many the player will see and many the player won’t. But that’s the price that’s paid when working with micromanaging as a game concept.

Equally important, is the role-playing aspect of the game. Just like Princess Maker 2 you will be able to equip weapons, armor, and various accessories. You will explore the world of Cel and fight in battles using a turn-based style combat. I will go more in depth about the role-playing aspect of this game at a later date. Just know I’ve implemented features that give this game a distinction from similar concepts while combining the daughter raising characteristic with RPG mechanics.

I was very close to not including any RPG mechanics in this game. The difficulties of building an RPG system is overwhelming. But out of all the genres in video games RPG is my absolute favorite. I didn’t want to get into game making if I wasn’t able to make RPGs.

In the next update I will explain how and why I am able to create the game of my dreams today and not any other time before then. Until then, stay well my friends.


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