Minor Update: Intro Progress Report 8

New update! Just like last week, this one will also be short but that doesn’t mean work hasn’t been done. I’ve spent most of last week working on the exploration, making a bunch of changes under the hood and doing a bit of work on the intro dialogue.

The event icons now lie under the player. This makes it easier to add other effects over the tiles if I desire. I’ve also removed the backgrounds of most of the icons to make them blend better with the environment.

Most of the time last week was spent on finalizing the controls. Right now there are 3 ways to operate this game. With the mouse, which was the original method and the way the game was designed around. With the keyboard, which was partially supported in the old build, it is now fully supported. And finally, with a controller. I’ve tested it with the mouse and keyboard but I hadn’t got around to making it controller compatible.

After some time tinkering in unity, I managed to get the controller functional. I have to say, I rather like navigating the game with a controller. While all 3 modes of control are functional, I don’t have the ability to let user rebind the keys. This is a no-no for modern games as far as I’m concerned. I will take the time to fix this problem.

Lastly, I did a bit of work toward completing the intro portion of the game. By this time next week I will have the first full in-game week completed. This is certainly a small milestone but the week won’t be fully complete since I’m still missing many things like animation and other features I plan to go back and adjust.

For next week I’m going to work on keybinding, recreate some item icons since I don’t like what I have now, and complete the intro week along with other miscellaneous tasks in between.

That’s all for now, later days.

Minor Update: Intro Progress Report 7

Hello again folks. Today will be a very small update. To be blunt I don’t have much to talk about this week and I don’t have any images to show you, but I am here and I don’t want to keep you guys in the dark for too long so lets talk.

For the past week I’ve been taking it easy and spending just a minimal amount of time testing the changes I’ve made to the battle system. As usual when learning a new system I ran into problems. As of now I have figured out all the hard stuff and what I have left is a much better system than my original custom one. Thanks to switching to this newer system the game battles will be much more dynamic and I’ll be able to control actions much more easier. I’ll explain more once I show off the battle system.

Further more, I’ve been debating over how I should approach battle FXs. The artist in me wants to custom draw every effect but I can’t realistically spend so much time focused on one aspect of the project. I have finally opted to use premade effects and occasionally edit/create  custom effects when I need them in order to reduced project time.

For the next week I’m going to continue to work on the battle and exploration until I find the perfect design for both. Once that is achieved, I will move on to completing the intro and then going back and making any changes I find necessary. I also need to animate many, many, characters. So much to do.

But that’s just how it is with game development, I love it! Speak to you guys next week!

Minor Update: Redo Complete

It’s official, I am completely done porting Guardian’s Guide to the new framework. I have met all my goals and I’ve even exceeded them. If you want to review the porting process click here for the entire timeline.

I have ported all the dialogue and created all the miscellaneous scripts that was left for the porting to be complete. To top it all off, I will not be required to redo any menu scripts since the framework creator decided not to redesign the menu system. YES! SO HAPPY!

Now that the entire port job is complete I can compare them and truly question was it all worth it. Yes, the answer is unquestionably, YES. Thanks to this port, both the front end and back end has been improved immensely. Here is a small list of all the things I’ve gain with this port.

  • Improved gui performance
  • Better script management
  • A wealth of more flexibility
  • Faster prototyping
  • Quality of Life improvements across the board

Looking back at the old build I can see all the hacky scripts I had to create just to do what I can do in the new framework effortlessly. It brings a small tear to my eye.

Ok, back to business! What’s next? Well, as long as there aren’t any new project breaking beta updates, I can continue development as normal. Once the beta is officially over I can really start to hit the ground running.

In the meantime I am making some changes to the battle system. I had a custom grid system set up and decided to switch to the frameworks built in grid system to see if it would be better/easier. Well, it is. So I’m currently testing that to fully replace it with my old set up.

My current goal is to get the exploration/battle system set in stone. It’s all still pretty bare bone since it’s where I left off before the GREAT PORT OF 2021. The major updates/videos will return once the framework is out of beta and I’ve gotten all the game systems finalized.

There is still so much to do but I’m glad I have a much better tool to work with, LETS FUCKING GOOOOO.

Minor Update: Redo Progress 7

We are getting closer to the completion of the porting job. If you’re unaware, I am currently in the process of porting Guardian’s Guide to a new framework. If you want to get caught up with the porting process click here for the entire timeline.

As I mentioned in the last update, I spent this week porting the title screen and the guild hall menu. Neither of these have had significant changes and the port was pretty seamless. I did simplify some menu aesthetics for the guild hall but that’s about it.

All that’s left is the porting of the game intro dialogue. There is quite a bit of dialogue and I’m slowly getting into.

As I mentioned last week, there is an update I expect in a few weeks that will result in me having to go back and re-reference every menu I’ve used, that includes the dialogue. This is why I am hesitant to start porting all the dialogue, all the monotonous clicking will be suffering.

Nonetheless, once I get the dialogue ported the redo job will be complete and I can get back to creating the intro events.

That’s it for this update, next week will probably be the last redo update unless something happens. Until then, be well guys.