Minor Update: Redo Progress 6

It’s that time again, and boy am I excited. You know the deal, I am currently in the process of porting Guardian’s Guide to a new framework. And this past week has been a real joy. If you want to get caught up with the porting process click here for the entire timeline.

I set two goals for myself this past week. Port the exploration mechanics and port the battle system. I was confident I would get the exploration ported considering I didn’t have to change much but switching the controls over to the new framework. But I was convinced I would only get through part of the battle system since I not only needed to recreate a bunch of menus but I also needed to recreate some thick custom scripts.

This week has been unbelievably productive. I not only ported the exploration mechanics, I redesigned the menu to display more information and work better with keyboard/controller. You can see the old design here.

This was exciting enough considering everything worked great once I started testing the controls. By mid week I started working on porting the battle system. Since this was more or less where I left off before the port it’s still in a skeleton state so I don’t have any flashy screen shots to show you but the bare mechanics are there and they needed porting.

Not only did I port all those mechanics, not only did I redesign some menus to better support keyboard/controllers, not only did I port the beefy scripts AND make the code function better, but I also fixed a few problems that were plaguing me for weeks. WOW!!

Unfortunately, I ran into a few bugs, nothing game stopping, but bugs nonetheless that need fixin’. Despite that, the exploration and battle work 100% from start to finish. This is fantastic news for a beta framework.

I can officially say I am about 80% done with the port and all the questionable features are done and accounted for. All I really have left to do is porting a few more menus (like the guild hall) along with the dialogue and gameflow. I’m a little hesitant about porting the dialogue since there is already a lot of it and I know for a fact I will need to re-port menu listings in the framework. (there is a plan to redesign how menus are handled behind the scenes to provide more flexibility) This won’t require me to recreate the menus but I will have to go back and reference every menu again in all the scripts I created. This will already be a grueling task but having 50-100 additional dialogues to click through will make it that much more dreadful. I don’t know, I’ll probably do it anyways just to make sure everything works 100%.

Hey check this out, this is how the exploration will control! You can also use the keyboard WASD to navigate!

For next week I’ll just keep moving forward. I’ll port the guild hall and then port the main menu. From there I’ll start porting the introduction then we’ll be back were we started. All I can do is deal with the circumstance as they unfold but I’m confident I’m through the worst of it at this point. (famous last words lol)

Until next week, stay well friends!

Minor Update: Redo Progress 5

Greetings again. I’m currently in the process of porting Guardian’s Guide to a new framework. It’s been roughly 2 weeks since the last update. This was not intentional. A few things have happened that caused this gap. For the first week I did not get any real work done. To put it bluntly, I ran into a bug I needed corrected in order for me to continue work. Luckily, that has been addressed during the second week. But that was not the only reason for my absence. Last sunday I became sick. It was nothing serious, but I was in bed for at least 2 days. I just decided to wait for this sunday to give a proper update.

So, with that explanation out of the way, what has happened in the small time I did work? As I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I begin work on porting the job system and managed to complete that.

I went out of my way to improve the scripting and the work flow to make things easier on myself when I add to it in the future. This has been the case for the entire porting process. The code is shorter, and the logic is easier to follow. Part of this is due to the new framework, the readability is fantastic.

I also managed to port the exploration menu. This and the job menu were not managed under the old framework. I was able to port the job window pretty easy since it is mostly just passive scripts and animation, but I had to redesign the exploration menu to account for mouse, keyboard and controller use.

Now there is just a single menu where the names are highlighted on the map of the places you want to visit. Originally, you would just click on the name but with the keyboard/controller support, the focus has been switched to the menu.

I have also redesigned (again) the job selection menu. I haven’t shown this because it reveals a bunch of characters not ready to be shown but just know I redesigned it to make it easier to navigate.

With all that out of the way, I have fully ported all(most) the main menus of the game.(I’ve done so far) My plans for next week is to port and test the map exploration and battle system. There is a lot of work to be done here but I’m excited for the potential improvements I can make. For everything to go well I must not run into any serious bugs.

If I had to estimate I would say I am about 63% done with the port. I’ll end the update here, stay well friends!

Minor Update: Redo Progress 4

Hello again folks! I’m currently in the process of porting Guardian’s Guide to a new framework. Picking up from last week, I’ve managed to port most of the main GUI from the old build. During this porting process, I’ve been making changes to better accommodate keyboard/controller support and added features I couldn’t due to limitations in the old framework. One such change is with the Status Menu.

This is the old Status Menu.

The old Status Menu was designed with only mouse control in mind. My original plan was to use it for both the player and enemy during battle but the old framework didn’t allow it at the time.

The new Status Menu.

With the decision I made to enable keyboard and controller support I had to redesign the status menu. Also, the new framework allows me to use the Status Menu on any fighter in the game so I added Items to the list.

Many other small changes were made with the other menus that I couldn’t do before due to the limitations of the old framework. The rest have just been cosmetic changes like picture below.

Old in above and new is below.

Now that I’ve gone through most of the GUI porting, I plan to focus on porting the systems. Mainly the job system and battle system. I’m a bit worried that I might run into some serious bugs with the battle system. Well, I won’t know until I get there. As of right now I would say I’m 50% done with the porting. Could be more, could be less.

I’ll update you guys next week, until then, be well.

Minor Update 1 Aug 2021: Redo Progress 3

Hello again folks! This has been quite the productive week. I managed to not only get many menus ported but I manage to report and test many bugs in the new framework.

As I mentioned in Moving Forward 2 – Future Plans, I plan to not only make all GUI controllable under the framework but also allow the game to be played with keyboard or controller. Thanks to the progress of this week that is now fully possible. Many of the changes I’ve been making to the GUI is either to make keyboard/controller support easier or to accommodate features I wanted to add but wasn’t able to due to the old framework limitations.

I’m currently working on the party menu. I plan to recreate/redesign the Status menu as well as the Set Battle Spot menu.(although you guys haven’t seen this one there won’t be much changed)

Ah yes, there has been way more changes than I originally planned. I have been discovering there’s more and more features I could add than I thought. On one hand, this has been slowing me down a bit, on the other, I wanted to add these features anyways, I just couldn’t due to limitations.

Nonetheless, I’ll keep this momentum going into the next week. I’m almost done porting all the gui for the main menu. After that’s done I’ll be porting systems I’ve set up such as the job management, exploration and battle movement. My goal is to not only port these systems but make them better and easier to manage.

I would show more screenshots but a lot of the stuff I ported isn’t quite complete to show off yet. All in due time!

Until the next update, be well you guys!