Minor Update 25 July 2021: Redo Progress 2

Good day folks! This is just another minor update on the progress of porting Guardian’s Guide. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on please check this post and then the last minor update. Speaking of the last minor update, I mentioned I plan to make a few changes to the GUI as I port the game. In the screen shots below I will show you what I meant.

The old GUI is on the left and the new GUI is on the right.

For the budget and personality menu I made quite a few visual changes. Originally, the personality menu wasn’t managed by the framework. It was a custom menu I had to manually call, control and update along side the framework. With this port it is fully maintained by the framework as all the other menus. As I mentioned in previous post, 100% of all the menus will be controlled by the framework. I am on course to making that a reality.

If you are wondering why the personality menu wasn’t originally controlled by the old framework, before I started using the framework I was creating the entire game from scratch. Once I switched over I was going through a learning process and I decided not to recreate the menu as I was having serious problems creating effective menus at the time.

With the new framework came a much easier approach to making menus. So not only have I ported the personality menu, I made some changes. The new menu can now be used with keyboard and controller and hopefully it is easier to read and understand. Fyi, I decided to move Job proficiency under the Jobs menu.

As for the budget menu, not much has changed. But there is one key thing I wanted to do in the old framework that just wasn’t possible (more or less) until now. I am able to add additional information to any item, equipment, person or thing. With this, I can separate text descriptions from usage effects. More than anything this provides organization and opens up many more possibilities for design and customization.

This is the supply menu. I haven’t shown this off before as there isn’t much to show yet but, here it is. The old GUI is on the left and the new GUI is on the right.

You will see more of this “separation” in the GUI redesign in future updates. With each new GUI I redo I am thinking of ways to improve or organize in hopes of making things better for the viewer.

The overall progress is going well. I am still running into bugs but I haven’t had to redo any data with the new beta updates. I would say I’m about 15% done with the port. (those may be conservative numbers but I’m hoping all the custom scripts and dialogue will be easy copy/paste ports)

I will try to get back on the weekly train with these updates so expect a new update next sunday at the latest. Until then, stay well friends.



Minor Update 17 July 2021: Redo Progress 1


It’s been a while but I’m here to deliver a minor update. As I mentioned in Moving Forward 2 – Future Plans, I am currently porting Guardian’s Guide into a newer framework. This requires me to redo pretty much everything. The good news is I don’t have to recreate anything since I’ve already done it. It’s mostly glorified copy and pasting.

Old build is on the left and new framework is on the right. Guardian’s Guide is pretty data dense now that I think about it. lol

Unfortunately, there are two things that are giving me problems and are causing slow downs. One, the new framework is very early beta. I am running into problems daily. This was entirely expected and I decided to move forward knowing this. The good news is I am working closely with the creator and getting the problems taken care of as I work. Two, since it’s early beta the creator is using this opportunity to make data wiping changes. It has happen once already and I’m sure it will happen again. This will require me to redo (copy/paste) my data again. This too was already known before I decided to move forward with the porting. I’ll just deal with it when the time comes.

More than anything I want to get through all the gui porting. (considering most of my game is gui) The potential data loss is no big deal at this point of development.

Most of the data is 1 to 1 copying, but the custom logic and systems are another story. Since I have more elbow room with this new framework I am converting scripts I created in my old build to work entirely in the framework. This means I have to think up new and unique methods to duplicate the behavior of the old scripts. Utilizing the many new functions of the framework has been fun and the improved work flow is fantastic. I am very happy I made the switch.

Old build on the left, on the right is my current point of porting. The gui is the same but the text uses a different renderer. It took me quite of bit of tinkering to make it look right. (one of the many reasons this is taking time)

As of right now I am about 10% done with the porting. This isn’t so bad considering the beta is a little over a week old. The biggest slow downs are the bugs and the gui. I have to redo all the gui manually. Fortunately, it is MUCH easier and I have a LOT more freedom. Oh yeah, I will be making a few minor changes with this redo. More on that in a future update.

Stay well friends!