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Guardian's Guide Dev Blog #1: Origins
By dre

This is the first official development blog for Guardian’s Guide. In this game you take on the role as guardian, tasked with the duty of raising your daughter from adolescence into adulthood. This project is inspired by the Princess Maker series, so a lot of cues were taken from it in the process of designing this game. The best description for this game is “daughter raising simulation/role playing game”.

I will use these blogs to slowly reveal information about the game while giving details of the work being done behind the scenes as this game grows to completion. Here are a few details I didn’t mention in the video. The game is being developed for PC only at the moment. The game will support up to 4K resolution. The music you hear in the background of the video is the main theme of the game.

This blog will be released alongside the monthly video releases. The things I might forget to mention in the video will be posted here. I will also include images you see in the video posted here as well. Speaking of that, here are the images of the city and the continent that was mentioned in the video.

Starting from the center you have the government buildings, then the affluent directly to the north, then the merchants to the south, followed by the commoners surrounding the inner walls, and lastly the farmers on the outskirts of the city.

Exploration is a big part of the game. This is where most of the RPG elements will come into play.

I’ve spent the last few weeks preparing this website so there hasn’t been a lot of time to work directly on the game. Starting this month I will begin to roll out regular updates on a weekly and monthly basis.

 The monthly updates will be available for all and will include both a blog post and a video. But if you want a more detailed week by week update then please consider becoming a member. Your support will greatly help in completing this game in a timely fashion. Until the next monthly update comes around, stay well my friends.

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