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Minor Update: Intro Progress Report 7
By dre

Hello again folks. Today will be a very small update. To be blunt I don’t have much to talk about this week and I don’t have any images to show you, but I am here and I don’t want to keep you guys in the dark for too long so lets talk.

For the past week I’ve been taking it easy and spending just a minimal amount of time testing the changes I’ve made to the battle system. As usual when learning a new system I ran into problems. As of now I have figured out all the hard stuff and what I have left is a much better system than my original custom one. Thanks to switching to this newer system the game battles will be much more dynamic and I’ll be able to control actions much more easier. I’ll explain more once I show off the battle system.

Further more, I’ve been debating over how I should approach battle FXs. The artist in me wants to custom draw every effect but I can’t realistically spend so much time focused on one aspect of the project. I have finally opted to use premade effects and occasionally edit/create  custom effects when I need them in order to reduced project time.

For the next week I’m going to continue to work on the battle and exploration until I find the perfect design for both. Once that is achieved, I will move on to completing the intro and then going back and making any changes I find necessary. I also need to animate many, many, characters. So much to do.

But that’s just how it is with game development, I love it! Speak to you guys next week!

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