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Minor Update 1 Aug 2021: Redo Progress 3
By dre

Hello again folks! This has been quite the productive week. I managed to not only get many menus ported but I manage to report and test many bugs in the new framework.

As I mentioned in Moving Forward 2 – Future Plans, I plan to not only make all GUI controllable under the framework but also allow the game to be played with keyboard or controller. Thanks to the progress of this week that is now fully possible. Many of the changes I’ve been making to the GUI is either to make keyboard/controller support easier or to accommodate features I wanted to add but wasn’t able to due to the old framework limitations.

I’m currently working on the party menu. I plan to recreate/redesign the Status menu as well as the Set Battle Spot menu.(although you guys haven’t seen this one there won’t be much changed)

Ah yes, there has been way more changes than I originally planned. I have been discovering there’s more and more features I could add than I thought. On one hand, this has been slowing me down a bit, on the other, I wanted to add these features anyways, I just couldn’t due to limitations.

Nonetheless, I’ll keep this momentum going into the next week. I’m almost done porting all the gui for the main menu. After that’s done I’ll be porting systems I’ve set up such as the job management, exploration and battle movement. My goal is to not only port these systems but make them better and easier to manage.

I would show more screenshots but a lot of the stuff I ported isn’t quite complete to show off yet. All in due time!

Until the next update, be well you guys!

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