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Data Entry: More Data, More Entry
By dre

The grind continues as another week passes. This week I have been a bit distracted so I didn’t get as much work done as I should have. Also, I got side tracked dealing with errors and bugs that I’m still in the middle of fixing. Anyways, I’ll go over what I’ve done.

My goal from last week was to finish the battle and exploration of year 2 and start/complete year 3. Yeah, none of that happened. What actually happened was I started testing some character battles and I discovered many skills, talents and status effects didn’t work as intended. So back I went to redo the logic and figure out why they didn’t work. (This is where I’m at now)

Half of the week I spent distracted with other matters. I have no excuse, but I don’t regret my distraction. I am back to work now so I’ll try to make up what I can.

Before I was distracted and discovered the failures in the game, I was setting up the characters that will appear in the 2nd year. At the beginning of the 2nd year the player gains access to recruiting companions. These companions are separate entities from the ones you find in the wild. (it’s not like pokemon, all recruitment happens in the Guild Hall) So I have to create 2 listings of characters (at minimal) for every beast you see in game. I’m trying to avoid creating too much repetitious data so I’ve been trying to think of ways to reuse the enemy fodder throughout the game.

This is how I envision the listing of beast: 1. [Enemy Type](the most common) 2. [Mid Boss](Special cases, I will have to make a new listing) 3. [Boss] (Another Special case, new listing) 4. [Zone Boss] (Unique Enemy) 5. [Companion] (Exclusively for the Player, a unique listing of almost every beast) 6. [Coliseum Enemies] (A mix of Common and Unique Enemies, might have to make new listing)

Hopefully this won’t result in a huge list of repeat beast. Speaking of huge list, I just can’t help adding new skills, talents, items, etc. Damn ideas keep popping into my head and I’m like, “Aw man, that needs to be in the game, I have to add it, it would feel weird without it!”

Just like what you’re about to see below.

I really like the idea of a “living picture”. It’s the reason why I chose to morph animate all the illustrations in this game. There is a particular effect in gaming that creates these fantastic dynamic/morphing clouds. Volumetric clouds is what I believe they’re called. I wanted that. I wanted morphing clouds to appear over the city and the world map, along with other weather effects I have planned. After a bit of research and a bit of tweaking on my end, I finally got something presentable set up.

This isn’t true volumetric clouds. It is a clever shader set up to morph like volumetric clouds in your typical AAA game. But unlike true volumetric clouds, this is extremely performant. To fully complete the illusion, I removed the clouds from the background images and placed the shader in between the images and the UI. The scenes look exactly like I envisioned they would. It’s so nice to look at in motion.

I have a few other things I would like to add/try out to make the images really come to life but I need to get back to the data entry grind. (after fixing all the damn bugs first) This stuff is suppose to be reserved for the last 10% of development but I just can’t help myself some times.

The old image for comparison.

For the up coming week I really need to complete the 2nd year of battle and exploration and get started on the 3rd. I also have this update to consider so I will be more busy than normal from this point forward. Lastly, I have the next major update in mind but I’m not sure when I want to create it. I will need to think about it some more.

That’s all for this update. It was actually pretty long despite the amount of work I actually got done. Heh.

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