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Steam Listing - Coming Soon
By dre

After speaking with Jonathan, the music composer of Guardian’s Guide, I have decided to go forward with listing the game on Steam. The listing was going to happen closer to release but he’s made some interesting points about using steam to bring attention to the project early.

I still have many things I need to do before I post on steam. The most important being, I need certain screenshots that don’t exist yet. I want screenshots from “real” gameplay and content from the middle and middle-late game. I am simply not there yet. So what I will need to do is manufacture those screenshots as close to what they might look like during the actual game.

Second, I need to design how I want my steam listing to look so I can entice people to wish list the game. Most of the screenshots and information on steam will be completely new stuff, so not only will I have to design my steam page but I will have to update information here as well. This will be a Major Update, most likely the most Major so far.

I don’t want to rush this but the sooner I get it done, the better. I’m thinking some time in February.

With that said, I need to increase my social media activity over all. Starting today, I will be posting more regularly on X (twitter) and facebook. I also want to increase my post rate on youtube. Maybe I will just post small videos of gameplay in between the major updates.

I don’t plan to ruin my development speed with these changes but getting more eyes on the project is just as important as the project its self. As I get closer to release, I want to make sure everyone who would potentially be interested in this game can have a chance to play it.

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