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Weekly Update 13 Apr 2021: Intro Progress Report 3
By dre

Welcome to another weekly update. For this week we’ll be continuing the discussion of the intro progression from last week.

There is one thing I neglected to mention from last week and that’s the quest system. I spent last week setting that up since it’s required before I tackle the exploring and battling.

Oh, what’s that? A new background, a new character? Who is she? Companions?? Dohohohooo, all questions that will be answered in due time.

The quest system is based on Rank and Reputation. The higher your daughter’s Reputation, the higher her Rank and the better quests she can take on. I’ll go into more detail in a future monthly blog but as I mentioned before, this will lead directly into your first exploration quest.

Throughout the next week I will be setting up and polishing the exploration maps. If I get to a point where I feel it’s presentable I may show a screenshot. The entire battle system mechanics (exploration and battles) is a beast all it’s own. You can split this game into two parts, the daughter raising (most of what I’ve shown) and the battle system. I actually designed this game to ultimately focus on the battle system. I will try to balance everything to give equal weight between combat and non-combat events but a lot of the game leans towards battling. (what can I say, I love RPGs)

Nonetheless, I’m excited. Once I have the battle system fully set up I can start going down the bucket list of unpolished sections of the game. Soon I will arrive at the faithful day I can complete an in game week. Then a season, and then a year. And finally the whole game. Yes, what a wonderful feeling that will be. BACK TO WORK I GO!

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