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Guardian's Guide Dev Blog 4: Party and Status
By dre

This is the 4th monthly development blog for the game Guardian’s Guide. If this is your first time reading our dev blogs you can get caught up from the first 3 blogs at this link. In previous posts I discussed the home screen, budget system and personality traits. This update we are going over the party and status screen.

As usually, I cover most of everything in the video so I’ll briefly go over details for those who prefer reading.

The party menu is where you go to change party members or check their general status. In the beginning of the game you can recruit up to 2 other party members. Once you go pass that limit any additional members will be sent to reserve. Party members are referred to as companions. Companions are made up of the monsters you fight while exploring. They become recruitable after you defeat them once. NPCs may join you party as “extra” members due to a quest or event.

The status menu displays general information of each party member pertaining to exploration and battles. This information includes equipment, skills, battle stats and attributes. Here is a break down of each stat.

Stamina: Directly affects Hp by percentage. Also increases vitality.

Command: Determines if you can recruit a companion. Also affects attack/magic and defense/mag def.

Strength: Directly affects Attack by percentage.

Intelligence: Directly affects Magic by percentage.

Willpower: Directly affects Defense by percentage.

Perception: Directly affects Magic Defense by percentage.

Hp: Battle Health

Ap S/R/M: Action point Start/Recover/Max. Ap is used for skills in battle.

Attack: Physical Damage

Defense: Physical Protection Rate

Magic Attack: Magic Damage

Magical Defense: Magical Protection Rate

Speed: Determines battle order.

Critical Chance/Rate: The chance for a critical attack and the percentage(rate) of more damage that can be done.

Contrary to RPG convention, there are no levels in this game. Everything is stats and equipment based. This is by design. The skills and equipment can be added and removed at will. There are 4 categories of equipment in this game. They are listed starting from the top: Weapon, Outfit, Accessories and Titles. Every battle related stat and some non battle related stats can be affected by equipment and skills.

That about covers the party and status for now. Unless something changes I will be covering the job system next month. These monthly updates are all leading up to the day I can showcase the introduction of the game and give you guys a real glimpse of how this game will play.

If you can’t wait that long to see how this game works you’re very welcomed to join us by becoming a member and supporting the development at

That is all I have for this update, be well friends and stay safe.


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