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Moving Forward 2 - Future Plans
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By dre

So in the previous update I told you guys I will be returning to my old job and I won’t be able to update as often because of that. Well, I have a new announcement to make regarding that.

To put it bluntly, I’m not going back to my old job. I’m not fucking leaving! Not yet, at least. I will continue to put most of my focus on this game, this site, and a few other projects I have planned.

What have I been doing since the past few updates? Not much. I’ve been taking a bit of a break from it all. I did originally plan to go back to my old job but I had quite a bit of time to think about things and I realized making this game is really the only thing I care about right now. So now I’m back!

With that said, there are some things I need to let you guys know about. Within a few months there will be a new version of the framework I’m using to make Guardian’s Guide. This new version has many features I want for my game so I plan to update to it once the new framework is officially released.

Here’s the problem, I will have to redo quite a bit of work once that time arrives. I’m pretty set on doing this transition so I will also take this opportunity to make some major changes to the game. Let me list you the reasons why I’m upgrading the framework and what I plan to change.

  1. Easy Language Support – I will be able to easily translate all the text into different languages. (to do this in the current framework is ridiculously laborious)
  2. Easier Gui Management – Creating and Managing the gui becomes stress free (which is most of the game and a huge part of the reason this transfer will take so long (I’ll have to redo it all lol))
  3. Much More Customization Under The Hood – This update is technically combining two frameworks. One that is focused on general games and the other that focuses on RPGs. Because of this, I will be able to consolidate many non-rpg features all under the new framework. I am very excited about this. The more I can do within this framework alone, the less custom work I have to do on my end.
  4. Framework Quality Of Life Improvements – With the combination of frameworks brings a bunch of Q.O.L. improvements. Things such as navigation, copy&paste, zooming, resource management, debugging, and many more.

So, what do I plan to change once I make the transition?

  1. Every Gui Will Be Under The Framework – Currently, the majority of the gui is managed within the framework. But there are a few that are managed outside the framework with custom scripts. (this is because either the framework couldn’t do it or I just never bothered to convert it over) This will change with the new framework. Since it will be easier to make gui and I will have more power under the hood, I will convert ALL gui to the new framework.
  2. Official Support For Keyboard And Controller – Once I set all the gui under the framework I will implement both keyboard and controller support. Right now the game only supports mouse but I want to change this just in case this game does well and I end up putting it on a console or something. (lol dream big they say)
  3. Many Small Things – Since I don’t have the framework in my hands at the time of writing this I can’t tell you everything that I will need to change but I know there will be trouble once I start making the transition. I am prepared because it will be worth it!

The new framework is still a few months away from official release but the beta will be here within a few weeks. I can’t do any real work with the beta but I can get an idea of what I can expect once the framework is complete. In the mean time I’m not going to do much game progress as that will increase the amount of work I have to do during the transition. Instead I will focus on artwork, animations and testing gameplay.

The update pattern will still be a little sporadic but I plan to keep all post free as I announced in the previous update. The video updates will be on hold until I make the transition. I also have plans for other projects (non game related) so I might take the time to make videos for those. We will have to see how things unfold.


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