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Guardian's Guide Dev Blog #2: Home
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By dre

Hello and welcome to the second dev blog for Guardian’s Guide. If you missed the introduction to this game please check out the first dev blog here. It will get you up to date. In this post we are looking at the home screen for Guardian’s Guide. I go over most of everything in the video above so I will post the image of the home screen below and just highlight some of the important bits following the image.

The game works in weeks instead of days. Each week you work a job and on the weekends you can explore, visit people, shop, take care of home duties, take on quests or take a vacation. You can name yourself and your daughter. You can also give your daughter a birthday. Mood and Condition changes based on a series of actions or events. Note is the currency in this game. You can accumulate notes through jobs, quest, selling loot from exploring and other random events. Stamina is vital for jobs and exploration. Once you run out of stamina, you will need to start a new week to recovery it.

Height, Weight, Bust, Waist and Hip rises as she ages. You can also give her specific food that affect these values. Upcoming Events is a list of events that happen throughout an entire year. Not every event is listed, some will show at a later date or will be a fixed date. Most of the events will be optional. At least that’s the plan. Resident Interaction is for direct communication with people in your home. This includes your daughter and those who visit your home throughout the game.

The background is the daughter’s bedroom and won’t change throughout the game. The daughter, on the other hand, will change. The age range for this game is 11-18, that will be 7 years of growth, not including the 18th year. Not only will there be 8 difference illustrations for each age but there will be illustrations based on the decisions you make for her future.

If you haven’t watched the video I go over more detail of each part of the home screen and give you a demonstration of the Resident Interaction. Next month I plan to go over “Budget”. It is the next most important screen in the game. (well, all the screens are pretty important)

If you want weekly updates as well as getting information before it makes it to the monthly update please consider becoming a member at Your support will directly help with the development of this game and future projects.

That is all I have for this update, until the next one, stay well my friends.

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