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Small Home Page Changes and Life
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By dre

I’ve made a small change to the home page. I separated the monthly and weekly dev blogs so each could be accessed more easily. As a result, I’ve created a new window for news below the dev blogs. At some later point I will add more to the home screen which will result in me pushing the news even further down. Well, we will see once we reach that point.

Due to recent life events I will end of moving to a new location. If everything goes smoothly, my work pace won’t be interrupted. I don’t know the move date but it could be as early as next week or a few weeks from now. I prey to all the heavenly beings my pc doesn’t die in the moving process. (it has happened before)

I might update a weekly blog this sunday. I will show off a new character in the game that won’t appear in the monthly update for a while. If you want access to the weekly updates please consider becoming a member. Your contribution helps tremendously with completing this game.

Onwards and upwards, as they say. More weekly and monthly updates to come!

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