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Battle & Exploration: Year 5 Throwback
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By dre

As mentioned at the end of the previous update, I don’t have much news to offer. I’ve made small, but significant progress into year 5. Right now I’d say I’m sitting at 40% completion, give or take. I didn’t work as diligent as I should have this past week. I wish to make this up in the next week by achieving at least 80% or more completion for year 5. Wish me luck.

The screen shot above is a behind the scenes of my workflow. The biggest difference being I typically use 2 screens, one that holds the Unity engine/Ork Framework and the other for written documents or full screen game testing. I’ve hidden most of the sensitive information, although some of it is still present.

The maps are laid out in the Scene view and I have a full view of the map at all times. I also have the Camera/Game view available if I need to reference that. The map you see above is a throwback to the map design posted last year in Paper Game: Almost Done. It’s one of the first maps of year 5, it was exciting to finally implement it into the game. I’ve really come a long way. đŸ˜­

As a side note of information, working on mapping has been the only time where I physically see what the game will look like in real time. The rest of the game is done in scripting/Ork Framework. I have to mentally visualize how I think it will look. As of right now, I don’t know how at least 65% of the game actually looks/feels/plays since I haven’t done any real play testing past year 1. Truthfully, I haven’t really played even year 1 fully since I was missing gameplay content at the time I first tested it.

What a thrill, I’m getting excited to test the game properly. But I am still a few months away. I must work harder.

Anddd, that’s it. Update done, I’ll talk to you guys next time!


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