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Battle & Exploration: 5th Year Progress
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By dre

Time for another update. The progress into year 5 is going as expected. There are many events I need to implement for each map and I still expect them to take a bit of time. I have all the maps prepared and ready to be worked on, that fun journey will start monday. The above image is a screenshot of one of the maps from the snow region of the game. This region takes place mostly in year 6-7 and only shows up in a single map during the 5th year. As I was working on the map I noticed a problem that I should have realized months ago.

As you explore the map you will come across ground effects which reduce your vitality according to the penalty value of the map. The first ground effect, “Heavy” reduces your vitality by 2x the map’s penalty value. This ground effect was originally colored white/blue-ish. This worked find until I saw it completely vanish on the snow map. Uh-oh.

After a few iterations, I’ve decided to change the color to light/yellow. I believe this color is distinct enough to be visible on all map tiles. You can see it on the screenshot above and the video below.

There are two characteristics for the ground effect. Blinking (the default) and constant. Blink goes off and on each time you move or wait. Constant is always on. A few weeks ago, I realized there needed to be a distinction between the two so the player can know for certain what they’re getting into if they choose to move in that direction. So I decided to adjust the animation of constant ground effects like you see in the video above.

These changes are part of the many “side tracks” I have to make as I work on these maps. They are examples of things that slow me down but are necessary to the game’s completion.

That’s all I have for this update, I expect the next update to be even shorter since all I’ll be doing is setting up map events. As of right now, I’ll say I’m 30% done with Year 5. Until the next update, stay well folks.

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