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Paper Game: Almost Done
By dre

Yup, writing dialogue is freaking time consuming after all. I foolishly believed since I was moving at a decent pace in the beginning that I would be able to keep that same pace in the later dialogue.


I’ve written so much chunky dialogue. And it’s not like I’m trying to, it’s just there are specific things that need to be included in the game’s story but writing those things takes a lot of dialogue. By the time I’m done with the paper game I will have almost 15-20k lines of dialogue. Yikes, what the heck.

Speaking of being done, I’m almost done. I have two more years (and then some) of quest and exploration to write. I’m hoping I can be done before December starts but we know how that goes. I am working so I won’t have to come back and make a million corrections. Sadly, I can’t catch everything.

I want to show you guys the method I have set up for map creation. All the maps in game are already designed but I’m going through again and writing down what’s inside the treasures, battles, event dialogues, etc.

This image is a stage design from the beginning of the 5th year in the game. It’s one of the simple, easier stages since the purpose(quest) is dialogue events instead of battles.

There will about 50-60 maps in the game in total. If you’re wondering: The “H1” represent the glowing ground effects you can see in the videos of the game. The T and rT are Treasure, and Risky Treasure. The “?” is random Treasure. The smiles are NPCs, the evil smiles are battles. The Q1 is the quest event for that stage.

The software I’m using above is called Tiled. I had to manually create all the objects above but once I had everything created it made map designing such a breeze.

That’s all I have for today’s update. Boy am I ready to be done with all this writing so I can finally get back into the game engine. I’m almost there!!!!

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