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Battle & Exploration: Battle Events
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By dre

(A preview of a map during the mid point of Year 5.)

It was quite difficult to achieve, but I’ve managed to reach 80% completion with Year 5. As a matter of fact, this week has been the most consistent and hardest I’ve work thus far. I was determine to hit my goal. Truthfully, I’m still a few events away from hitting my goal,(as of writing this blog) but I figure since I am so close I might as well just round it up and say it’s 80% as I planned.

Speaking of those “few events”, they’re part of the reason why these last 3 story focus years are taking so long to complete. Year 5-6-7 are full of items, events, and dialogue. The hierarchy of annoyance goes like this, items -> dialogue -> events.

Events are particularly annoying because it requires me to invent a new method of handling story/game objectives, this is more than often related to the battles. To give you an example of one of these events, look here at one of my previous videos. That battle sequence with the “Task Master” is an event I had to write out instead of having the battle run itself. With each mystery treasure, something unique typically happens.(not always, but sometimes) Each unique experience is something I have to take the time and figure out how to script on the back end. Or worse, I have to test it in game to make sure my method functions as I scripted it. (testing is a slow process of me waiting for parts of the project to load up/down🤕)

As a matter of fact, I had to do that very thing recently, it took all day, but I got it to work just as I wanted it. I would show it here but it would kinda spoil an event I want to keep secret for people playing the game for the first time. Just understand, any custom event that happens during battle that isn’t pure combat is something I had to take a great deal of time to figure out and make it work.

Ork Framework wasn’t exactly designed to do events during mid combat in turn-based battles, but year 5-6-7 has a WHOLE lot of them I have to do.

Oh boy, I’ve really exhausted myself this week. After a few days of rest I’m going to finish the last 20% of year 5 and get started on year 6, or as I like to call it, The Behemoth. Not to be out done, year 7 is pretty large as well.

I hope people will appreciate all the small details I’m putting into these events, which is just a microcosm of the larger picture I’m attempting to paint for the entire game.

Okay, I’m going to end this update here, I’ll talk to you guys again in the next update.

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