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Battle & Exploration: Random Buffs
By dre

The progress into year 3 is going quite well. Year 3 doesn’t have as many maps as year 2 so I believe I can complete this rather quickly if I pace myself. Also, I spent a great deal of time during year 2 setting up and prepping data which would allow me to just focus on implementing the map objects for the following years. If I recall, after year 5, especially year 7, the data, dialogue, maps, etc. become fucking huge. So if I can get through these early years faster that would be great.

So far, I’d say I’m about 30% with year 3. That’s taking into account all the maps, logic for the objects, battles, and dialogue before, during and after the quests. It may sound like I’m not that far but I am, especially compared to the progress of year 1 and 2. I expect to be close to 80-90% done with year 3 by next week. Maybe even 100%. (I can dream)

Besides that, I came to a small realization as I was working on one of the treasure chest during the 3rd year. The Random Treasure (the ? you see in the above screenshot) gives you 4 options to choose from: Treasure, Battle, Buff and Shop. The buff option worked similarly to the old Battle Bonus I mentioned in a previous post. It was plagued with the same downfalls and I was like, nah brah, I’m not doing this. So I replaced the Buff option with Battle Bonus Items instead.

The original Buff options were much stronger, stat wise, than the battle bonus items, but the bonus items are much more versatile and powerful in the long run. There was one particular item/feature in the original buff that was carried over thanks to this merge. The buff granted 100% status infliction on any target. That’s been moved over into a single item that will grant you a random status you can inflict on a target at 100% chance. So now Battle Bonus Items are even more powerful and they are a bit more accessible through random items.

But more importantly, it is MUCH more easier for me to manage these random treasures. If you think about it from my perspective, these random treasures are the work of 4 objects in one, simplifying the buff portion has reduced so much work in the future, I’m so happy. 🙂

That’s all I have to report for this week. Here’s hoping I meet my goal for next week. Until then, stay well folk!

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