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Battle & Exploration: Battle Bonus
By dre

This past week was filled with some major and not so major updates. Guardian’s Guide has officially been listed on steam. The home page for Guardian’s Guide has been updated to cover all of the important bits of the game. And I’ve made some minor but significant changes to the bonus rewards after battles.

To give a little context, since this game doesn’t have levels and experience, I felt there needed to be a bit more incentive at the end of battle than just item/money rewards. So I added status buff rewards. The player could choose a buff or pick from a random selection and the buff would be applied for the next battle. Here is how the bonus menu looked before.

The purpose of this approach was the player would receive a noticeable boost of power, but only at the start of battle. This was fine, but what wasn’t fine was the way I was handling it on the back end. I was doing all the data entry manually, and when I need to set up different bonuses base on the region and in some cases, the zone, there was no way I was going to do all that manually.

So, just like with Battle Objectives, it was time to redesign the Bonus Rewards. At the time, I wasn’t able to modularize status effects, this was the number one culprit for the decision I ended up making. So, instead of using status effects directly, I decided to make the buffs into items.

Status bonus are now Potions. Potions are items that become available to the player about midway through the game. These are items meant to be used while exploring, they give temporary effects like being immune to vitality damage, or increasing max hp for the entire duration of the zone exploration. Bonus Rewards will not be like regular potions, they can be used not only while exploring but also during battle.

That’s right, thanks to this change, Bonus Rewards can be stored indefinitely and used whenever you need them. But!!!! There is a new problem! Bonus Rewards are now too powerful!!! You see, unlike almost every other item in the game, Bonus Rewards apply to every party member with no range limit. Also, I changed the duration from 1 turn to 3 and you can stack them up to 3 times.

Let say you do 10 normal battles, grab 10 Offense Buffs and head towards the boss. Now you have up to 30% increase in damage for every party member for up to 9 turns. That’s too powerful!!!!!

But I’m not about removing power, power is fun, I just needed a way to reduce accessibility. So I decided to extend the vitality system to the Bonus Reward. If you want the good stuff, you have to pay. It’s a flat rate of 10% of your max vitality. This will pretty much be the most expensive vitality purchase in the game, but it will be worth it. These items can be used at any time, they can’t be removed by debuffs, the higher grade versions last longer than 3 turns, they all stack up to 3 times and the most rares of Bonuses give you the most powerful effect I could think of without breaking the game. (too much)

Here is how the Battle Bonus menu looks now.

But, I also recalled the original reason I even added this, so I went a head and included a free option. This option gives you a 50% chance of giving you…..well……..something. 🙂 Again, I’m trying my best to balance this Bonus Reward. Also, the Premium Random Bonus also has a chance of not giving you anything. I’ll let the newer players figure that out on their own. Hehehe…..

With this new approach, I am able to very easily add/remove/change rewards based on the region/zone or however I see fit.

With is little problem out of the way, and the steam page up and ready, I can properly focus on finishing up the second year and moving on to the third.

That’s all I have for this update, stay well everyone!

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