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Battle & Exploration: Year 2 Done
By dre

Okay, so for the most part, I’m done with Year 2. Everything I had written down is in the game and (assumingly) functional. I say assumingly because I won’t be testing it anytime soon as I want to complete the Battle and Exploration in a timely manner. Despite this, I still wanted to show you guys some footage from the 2nd year and low and behold, I ran into countless bugs just getting you guys this footage alone.

I’m not kidding, the amount of bugs I ran into was alarming. I thought I was being ultra, extremely careful with the history of the bugs I managed to create up to this point but apparently even that level of caution wasn’t enough. I’ve noticed that if I get too comfortable while working the chance of me making a mistake increases exponentially. And the worse part about it is I won’t notice it until I test play it and see some wonky shit happen on screen. What a pain!!

Part of me wants to go back and carefully examine everything to look out for similar errors I ran into while trying to get this footage. But I have to move on, I still have so much work to do!!

I can only hope I didn’t screw up even more than I already have. The last thing I want to do is copy/duplicate incorrect data again. (One of the bugs I ran into which resulted in me going back and making multiple changes across multiple scripts, such a pain)

Truthfully, the best method I have to mitigate this risk is to reduce the amount of files per unique event. That way, if I do screw up again (I will) then the fix won’t take as long since every similar subject is grouped together.

Eventually I’m going to need the in game tested before I take things too far. I’m thinking of opening up some early, very raw testing on steam after I get through the 4th year. My main concern at the moment is the game being playable from start to finish. The worst bugs are the ones that cut off the game’s progress. These are simple bugs to fix but they pop up so randomly. I over look them because I’m working so fast and I don’t anticipate such a simple mistake.

Even with year 1 and 2 complete, they are missing many small events and half of the holiday events. So even when I open up testing, it will not be the full game.

Oh man, so much to do. That’s it for this week, I’ll talk to you guys in the next update.

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