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Battle & Exploration: A 3rd Into Year 3
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By dre

So right now I’d say I’m about 70% done with Year 3. I still have 1 (big) map I need to complete and then I need to go back and connect the maps with the quests and the quest dialogue. Some of this dialogue is pretty lengthy but nothing compared to the later years.

The things I’ve noticed that tend to slow me down is the new and unique stuff I implement. I have to sit there and figure out how I want to approach it. Sometimes I just decide to scrap it and reuse previous ideas so I don’t have to deal with the slow down any longer. Nonetheless, year 3 is moving along at a pace close to my original prediction.

Once I complete year 3 (most likely in the middle of next week) I’ll start on year 4. Year 4 is similar in size to year 3 but has a bit more quest dialogue.

Since I’ve made so many small changes to the workflow throughout this project I’ve become much more efficient at tackling it’s many issues. I will continue to work toward completing the “meat” of this project.

That’s all I have to say for this update. I was debating on if I should even make this update since I had so little to say/offer, but I figure it’s nice to have even minor progress documented. I’ll talk with you guys again next week.


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