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Weekly Update 15 May 2021: Intro Progress Report 5
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By dre

Welcome to the 15th weekly update and it’s a big one. This update I will go over what I’ve done for the week and then give you an overview of what I will discuss in the next monthly update.

Firstly, I got a bit of work done with the mapping. The bulk of the work was me editing and creating assets. The screenshot below is pretty raw. There are a series of things I still need to do and the organization in my project is rather hectic but I thought I’ll just show a screenshot anyways.

Derp, I forget to change Stamina -> Vitality. Also, don’t worry about the value, those are just placeholders.

The majority of the tilemaps I’m using in this game were custom made by the same studios who did the background art. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get them to create any more than the original commissioned amount. As a result, I’ve had to create and edit some tiles myself. It’s not a big deal but time spent here is time lost elsewhere.

The water tile was created by me as well as a few other tiles not shown. 

Once I get over that initial hurdle for the mapping system organization I should be able to complete the tutorial map. After that I’ll have to tackle the battle system. My biggest problem is battle animation which I will most likely end up doing myself. I also still need to finalize item and skill names as well as the beginning stat values for everything. (aka countless battles to determine proper balance) So much to do, so little time.

Speaking of stats. It’s time to showcase all of them!

This is the party menu.

As your daughter explores the world she will be accompanied by companions. These companions are the very monsters you fight throughout the game as well as the occasional event NPC. As you meet new monsters, they become available to recruit into your party. (yes, very pokemon like, I know)

There is a max of 2 party members you can add at the start of the game. Every other member you add will sit in reserve. Don’t worry about battle spots for now, I’ll go over that once we discuss battles as a whole. Today we are talking about the status menu.

The stats in this game are split into 4 different types. There’s the personal stats such as growth value/job proficiency/reputation and rank, these are exclusive to the daughter. There’s the personality stats, also exclusive to the daughter. Next there’s the attributes that you see next to the portrait at the top. And finally there’s the battle stats you see to the bottom right.

Both the attributes and battle stats are available to every fighter in the game. Lets go over them!

Stamina: Directly affects Hp by percentage. Also increases vitality.

Command: Determines if you can recruit a companion. Also affects attack/magic and defense/mag def.

Strength: Directly affects Attack by percentage.

Intelligence: Directly affects Magic by percentage.

Willpower: Directly affects Defense by percentage.

Perception: Directly affects Magic Defense by percentage.

Hp: Battle Health

Ap S/R/M: Action point Start/Recover/Max. Ap is used for skills in battle.

Attack: Physical Damage

Defense: Physical Protection Rate

Magic Attack: Magic Damage

Magical Defense: Magical Protection Rate

Speed: Determines battle order.

Critical Chance/Rate: The chance for a critical attack and the percentage(rate) of more damage that can be done.

Perhaps you noticed there is no “level” value present. That’s because there are no levels in this game. Everything is stat/equipment based. This is a design choice I will go over once I discuss battles.

The skills and equipment are treated the same and can be added and removed in the equip menu. There are 4 categories of equipment in this game. They are: Weapon, Outfit, Accessories and Titles. Every battle related stat and some non battle related stats can be affected by equipment.

I think that about covers everything on party and stats. I’ll have the update and video out by friday. In the meantime I’ll be getting back to work. Stay well folks!


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