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Road 2 Playability: Complete
By dre

Ladies and gentlemen, Mission Accomplished.

For 3 months now I’ve been hyper focused on getting Guardian’s Guide to a (very) basic playable state. Just yesterday, I finally managed to “play” the game from start to finished.

By “Play” I mean I sat down and clicked my way through the core gameplay loop of the game from age 11 to age 18.

Oh boy, let me tell you, this was quite the endurance trial. This is the official time it took for me to complete the entire run.

This is just the basic loop, the transition animations were disabled, no items, no events what so ever, no exploring, no battling, no end game, no introduction, NOTHING else. I tried to reduce this play through as much as possible so I can reach the end as fast as possible, but it STILL took over 2 hours. What a pain!! What, a, painnnnn!!!

As I was originally attempting to get through the game I ran into bugs which caused me to start over, so as you can guess, that 2 hours is more like 6 on my end.

But, I did it. It was really exciting to see all the aged illustrations of the daughter with each new year. Now that the core is good, I shouldn’t run into any more problems building the rest of the game from here. (If only it were that simple)

Okay so, what’s next? With this goal out of the way I can refocus on the data. I have a ridiculous amount of data I need to (manually) put in the game. No time scale on when I’ll have that done. After that, I need to finish the animations for the remainder of the daughter’s illustrations. I only have about 30% of her illustrations completed so far.

After that, I’ll probably start working on the exploration and battles, maybe focus on the game on a year by year pace.

While all that is happening, I need to come up with a solution for quickly getting around the game. It would be damn right silly and a waste of time to constantly test the game chronologically. I need to organize the game so I can easily jump in at any point and test a portion as if I was playing the entire time. This will be difficult since a lot of the game depends on user choice.

Oh well, that’s a problem for future me. For now, I will focus on data entry.

I will return the regular weekly updates starting next week. For more information, read this news post.

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