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Road 2 Playability: So It Begins
By dre

So earlier this year I made a declaration to get the game to a playable state by the end of 2022. I made a plan to follow, month by month, that should have lead me to a state of full game playability. Well, things didn’t quite work out that way, BUT I can still meet my goal before the end of the year. I present to you:

The Road To Playability

My goal, have the game playable from start to finish before 2023. I have 3 months to accomplish this and I believe the game is finally at a state where I feel confident I can do this.

Why didn’t my original blueprint work? Well, as it turns out, making such a game isn’t a linear process, the game has to be completed on paper before you can implement any real game events. It took me some time to get many of the features I wanted locked in but I’m finally ready for the implementation phase.

This is hopefully how things will go:

October: Document all the major events, maps, battles, items into a timeline/Start Implementation

November: Finish implementation/Testing!

December: More Testing!/Playability achieved!

This will be tricky, as I said before, this will not be a linear process, I will be skipping many mid and minor events so I can achieve playability. This process is more like making a painting and coming back to constantly add more detail until the final portrait is revealed.

Events won’t be the only thing I’ll be skipping, I won’t have time to do battle animations or the rest of the illustrations as well and I’m still missing many artwork I’ll need. This will be as barebone as it gets.

But this is necessary if I want to have it out in 2023. This might be the first crunch for me but it won’t be the last.

Playability Status: 3%

Yup, it’s pretty low, but it will be 100% before December 31, 2022. Just watch.

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