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Allugic: The Blueprint for 2023
By dre

2022 has been a fairly good year for development. I didn’t reach my lofty goals written out in my previous blueprint declaration but at the time I had no real insight for the time each portion of the game would take me to complete. Now I have a slightly better idea of what I’m dealing with. My goal is still a 2023 release and I’m making life changes to achieve that goal.

Starting next week, I will be switching my day job from a 40 hour work week to a 24. The extra time will be used to focus on completing the game.

I unfortunately can’t provide an exact release date since I still have so much work to be done but I will be paying a great deal of attention to my pace. I “know” what all needs to be done and I will mentally estimate if I can still make the 2023 deadline as I get further into the game.

I do not wish to release this game towards the end of the year but anything before summer is completely unrealistic. A 3rd to 4th quarter seems to be the most likely scenario. (do not quote me on this!!!!)

I have no step by step plan for 2023, just work on the game with the intention of completing it. I don’t want to release some early access, or some player beta test build so I want to make sure once it’s out, it’s 100% playable without bugs.

As I get closer to release, I’ll start showing more of the game off. As for now, I’ll keep doing weekly minor releases and some videos to show progress.

Here is hope for a prosperous 2023!

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