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Paper Game: Core Story
By dre

Right now I’m in the middle of writing the dialogue for the story. I’ve gotten a good amount done so far but there is still much to do. (5 out of the 7 years done so far) If all goes well I’ll be complete with the bulk of the game’s dialogue by the end of next week.

Once I get that out of the way I can move on to writing data for the remaining battles and exploration. (setting monsters, quest dialogue and treasures, etc) This will be the big one. Once I get through this (hopefully it will be fast since I won’t have to invent too much new information) then I can start the final, grand data entry.

I’ve been writing at a quick and steady pace with the goal of hitting all the important bits of information and making sure the dialogue doesn’t ramble on with meaningless back and forth. But at the same time I’m worried some of the dialogue may be too short. I’m working at this with the awareness I need to be done by the first quarter of next year so I’ve been taking plenty of liberties with the writing but I also worry if that won’t be enough. I will just have to see how the events will fit in with the over all flow of the gameplay.

These next few months will be an exciting time. I can see the finish line, far in the distance. With each new, small step I am breaking unbelievable ground.

I’ll give you guys another small update within the next or next two weeks. At least until the middle of november I will be writing data for sure. Maybe I can find some hidden power and dramatically increase my writing speed. A man can dream.

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