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Paper Game: Core Story (Mostly) Complete
By dre

Finally! Most of the core story is complete. All the main dialogue in the game is done. This is significant because the core dialogue has been the most difficult to write. It involves creating scenarios related to the job characters and the friends of the daughter. All of their dialogue had to connect and I had to keep the story consistent and moving. On top of that, I had to write alternative dialogue for the daughter based on the personality traits the player chose.

It kinda sucks because there’s still more I would like to add to the story relating to the different characters but, I can’t spend forever writing dialogue. There is A LOT that still needs to be done and I need to move on.

Next, I need to go and do all the dialogue for the quest in the game. Ideally, this should be easier for me since I know exactly what I need to write about and I can just have fun with the dialogue. Additionally, there are random events throughout the game that need their own dialogue. My goal is to keep these events short and sweet. I CAN NOT spend too much more time on dialogue in this game. I need to get to the exploration and battle because I know that’s going to take a great deal of time to get right. (I believe)

So far I’m on schedule. The completion of all the dialogue in the game is going fast and well. Once I’m done with all of it I will either move on to pure data entry or start implementing the maps. I’m not sure which would be the optimum path at this point.

We’ll see in the future!

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