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Minor Update: Play Testing Year 1 Again
By dre

Playing through the first year again was interesting. The first time I did it I was just testing the battle and exploration. I had to make a lot of changes going through that first play through but afterwords I felt the daughter raising portion of the game should be “smooth sailing” compared to this.


What an idiot I was. How dare I do things like “assuming”. The amount of work and bugs I had to deal with while playing the game with all the added content was astronomical. Every new week I started there was a new bug to stop me in my tracks. The bugs even managed to find their way into the battle and exploration. HOWW??!! I didn’t even touch that portion of the game!!!! (I did by the way I just forgot lol)

Thanks to all these bugs I was having a harder time getting into the game. Just when it felt like I might enjoy a dialogue scene the event ends without it moving on to the next planned scene. Many of the scenes in the footage from the Year 1 major update are actually my 6th-7th-10th play through.

Despite all this hardship, I made it to the end of the year. Well, it wasn’t the FULL end of the year but right after the boss battle. There are still a few events that happens up to the final week (week 48) of the year.

In my previous post I showed you guys the total time it took me to get through the first year just battling and exploring. Here is it again.

Now here is the time it took me to get through the first year with almost all the features that will be in the final game.

This is me playing the game as I expect the player to play in their first play through. Reading all the dialogue, buying and selling items, interacting with events, exploring the maps and fighting some enemies.

Again, the first year doesn’t have as many maps but the events are full of dialogue tutorials and such. Taking into account what I have planned and comparing it to the time of the first year I believe my original estimation of 35-40 hours of total gameplay is waaayyyy under. I believe the total game, that is, JUST to get to the final year, no post game stuff, will be closer to 50+ hours.

I didn’t plan for this but this is just how things are starting to look. With that said. I have begun the next phase of the game development. My goal is the get ALL the dialogue written ASAP. I want this out of the way and done. I know for sure my focus needs to be on completing the battle and exploration. Once I have those 2 things done then I’ll be 80%-90% completed with the game.

I have a lot of work to do but not a lot of time to do it but I feel confident I can meet my goals.

That’s all for now.



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