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Paper Game: Almost (Not Really) Done
By dre

I don’t know why I said I was almost done as if I was mere days away from being complete with the writing. Shame on me. I should have known better at this point in the development process.

So I am down to 1 year from 2 since the last update. I originally thought I could complete both years in this 2 week update absence but I underestimated how much writing I would do. In the previous years, I would end up with about 1,000 lines of content relating to dialogue, but in this 6th year I had roughly double the amount of lines.

It’s not my intention to do more. I had already decided I would do just what’s necessary to complete this stuff in a timely manner but I fount myself writing more and more content based on quest/events of the game. Some of it’s stuff that needs to be said, other dialogue was just me having fun. Nonetheless, it now sits at about 2k for that year alone.

I am determine to get this dialogue done much sooner than later but I have no idea how long the 7th year will be. I could end up with another 2k liner or longer. But what I DO know is the 8th year (that is the epilogue year) will most likely be the longest due to all the after game events happening one after another.

But still, I am close. I really can’t wait to be done. I want to get back into the game engine and see all this stuff I’m writing down in action. I’m a bit worried because a lot of stuff I’m writing down related to battle is guess work. My main concern is the money. I’m worried I might be giving too much of it throughout the game. Unfortunately, I won’t know how bad it is until I test the game and get to that point. To top it all off, this game is looonnngggggg. If you do all the content and explorations you’re looking at 40+ hours. And I have to test it all.

Ohhhhh booooyyyyyyyyy.

Oh well, this is what I wanted. I’m enjoying my “job”. I look forward to release and I hope it all pays off.

Until next time, later dayz.



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