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Minor Update: Setting Up Shop
By dre

Earlier this week I released a major update giving you guys a good look at the battle system and exploration. Now with that done and out of the way, I have started doing all the other smaller task I’ve neglected.

For this minor update I want to show you guys how I will set up shopping and tell you about all the other minor updates I’ve done.

The shopping screen will be a series of GUI buttons for each item and equipment type that can be bought and sold. There will be mainly two types of buttons, Local and Travelers. The Local shops will always be available every week. The Travelers will pop up during events or randomly. The Locals will sell the same common items and increase their inventory gradually over time. The Travelers will sell random items or even higher grade items.

I wanted to set up a selling system that allows me freedom to change things based on events and seasons. The way I set it up will give me that freedom so I’m excited to see just how dynamic I can make this. Here is a video of the GUI in action.

I’ve also been dealing with some bugs that became apparent as I was working on the battle and exploration. Luckily I received a fix over the weekend so we are bug free as of writing this.

My next move is to continue messing around with the shop until I get things how I like it. Then it’s time to move over to the Mood System and redesign that, lastly, I need to test the whole budgeting system, with functional items and all the other bells and whistles to get things working dynamically.

Something, something or another, bleh, there’s a million things going on now. That’s all, I see you guys next time.

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