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Guardian's Guide Dev Blog 8: Year 1
By dre

I am finally in a position to show you guys footage from the first year of the game. How odd that it’s also been about a year since the last major video update but what can I say, these things take time.

If this is your first time here, I’m currently in the process of making a daughter raising sim/RPG titled Guardian’s Guide. I currently plan to have the project completed by the first quarter of 2024. (here’s hoping development goes smoothly until then)

These major and minor updates are meant to document the process until the game is officially released.

The video above covers a small bit of content from the first year. I’ll also briefly explain some of the interactions that happen in the video with this post.

This is a meeting with Lyla, one of the major job characters in the game. In this scene she is explaining the importance of hygiene for budgeting. You also get the see the services the Infirmary offers.


This is a scene where you meet your daughter’s first companion, a Fire Fox. I wanted to use this scene to set up the tone of the game so the player can get a better idea of what to expect. After the first year you will be able to set up your party how ever you like.


This is one of the mini-games you will be able to play during the holiday of Tribute. My goal was to give the player ample opportunity to gain rare and unique items outside of the fixed constraints of the storyline. Creating this game was a bit of a challenge but I hope people will enjoy it in the future.


Here we have another scene with Lyla. This time she is joined by the daughter (now age 12) and another major job character, Terence. This is one of many interactions meant to set up the dynamics of the relationships in the beginning of the game.


Here we have the final boss battle of the first year. All of the major bosses will be spread across multiple battle characters. I have some pretty interesting boss battles planned.

There are many, many things I didn’t mention or cover in the video. Like all of the visual changes I’ve made to the game since the last major update. There are just too many to list. Since development is happening so rapidly I haven’t been keeping up with a list of any kind. I hope you notice all of the attention to detail I’ve been obsessing over.

Despite all the work that’s been done, I still have so much to do and little time to get it done. There’s a good chance I may go radio silent yet again so I can focus to meet my declared deadline.

As I get closer to a fully functional game I will truly begin to show you ALL of the content I have prepared for this game. There is quite a bit of it.

Until that time comes, I’ll speak to you guys again in the next update. (whenever that happens lol)

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