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Minor Update: Map Building
By dre

Finally, after weeks of grinding, I have all the map designs completed. All the maps that will be in the game are done “on paper”. Now I can start implementing them in the game. But before that, I made a minor adjustment to the exploration.

Once I was completed with the map designs I realize I didn’t take into account the “Look” option. At all. I was seriously considering removing the Look option from exploration. But after thinking over it a bit more I figured out a solution that will put the Look option to good use. The actual adjustment I made was the addition of a “Potions” button.

This button option is meant to display items used for exploration and outer battle buffs. I realized I really needed this option once I begin to get into the later map designs. Since you can’t use items in the supply menu (by design) this is the perfect convenience for the player outside of battle.

This is how the explore menu looks now. I’m pretty sure this is the final design.

Next begins the monumental task of implementing the maps. Here is a list of everything that needs to be done:

  1. Place all the tilesets and event icons
  2. Place all the particle effects and create new ones as I go along
  3. Place all the events while creating map focus, quest focus, and story focus events as I go along
  4. Create all the battles and all the unique events that go a long with each battle, particularly the boss battles
  5. Implement all the monsters, talents, and abilities while animating said abilities (somewhere in between 300-400 objects in total I have to input)

Again, this is just the exploration/battle portion of the game. This list is only touching the surface, the details can and will slow me down more often than not. I’m going to be real with you. This is going to take some time. I’m estimating I might be done by the end of June. But it could easily take longer. If I’m done before then I will be incredibly shocked.

The good news is once I’m done with this I will be substantially closer to release. Also, I will be showing you real progress from this point forward. You will see the many maps and battles as I complete them. Also, once the maps are completed, I will start showing you the non battle portions of the game as I complete them.

This will all lead to the final days of the development where more testing will be needed. BUT FIRST, I need to get through exploration and battle.

Oh boy, I’m in for a ride.

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