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Minor Update: B&E Progress
By dre

In this week I’ve made a bit of progress. I also managed to implement a few changes to the battle system I feel will be beneficial in the long run.

To start off, I’ve designed and set all the maps for the first in game year on paper. The first year is pretty straight forward so it didn’t require any unique scenarios. I want to complete all the maps on paper asap but the remaining years will take more time in planning.

After the maps were set I wanted to address a few obstacles that’s been bothering me ever since the last video I made. First was the subject of reviving a character. I didn’t know “exactly” how it was going to play out but I had a rough idea of how I wanted it to play out. Sure enough, I ran into problems. After a few days of iterations and head scratching I managed to come up with a solution I like.

The second subject was about an idea to have “Battle Objectives” for each fight. The required objectives will help guide the player so they know exactly what needs to happen in a battle. The optional objectives will allow the player to gain powerful loot if they choose to complete them.

The result of my changes can be seen in the screen shot below.

To the left is the list of Battle Objectives. To the right is a list of all the defeated combatants. This will help you keep track of your losses and defeats during the battle. Lastly, I added a counter to keep track of each battle round. It is the number you see to the right of the combatant turn order at the top.

With these changes I hope to provide the player with optimal engagement as they play through each battle.

For the next week I will focus on completing the maps on paper. Hopefully I can get through them quickly.

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