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Minor Update: Map Building 2
By dre

Hello again. This update will be short but I have some things to say on progress.

I spent the bulk of the week doing asset refactoring. My goal was to simplify the mapping process so it will be as painless as possible once I start creating all the maps. I’m happy I took the time to do this, I have a great deal of assets to set, especially in the later maps, now I can just set them and forget.

I also spent a bit of time adjusting the battle system. There is still work to be done but the flow of the battle didn’t require as much input as I originally thought I would need.

Lastly, I ran into a ridiculously annoying bug as I was refactoring the map. Took me hours to figure out I just needed to change a value from 1 to 0.



That’s programming for you, I’ve set so many values to be precise in the code. If just one of the values change due to an innocent mistake, many unexpected things can and will happen. I then get to play a game of guess who as I point the finger to as many potential breaking points as I can think of. It is truly a dreadful experience.

Welp, that’s in the past, everything is working again and now I can move on! For next week I will begin making maps. I should be able to get through the first year of maps pretty easy me thinks. I’ll also begin setting up the battle characters as well as the abilities and talents.

With this, I’ll get a good idea of the pace I’ll be able to set for the rest of the game.

That’s all for now, stay frosty my friends!

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