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Minor Update: Map Building 4
By dre

Update time. This past week I spent most of my time reviewing and prepping things related to battle and exploration. Before I deep dive into creating the maps and setting up the battles, I want to make sure the foundation isn’t something I’d have to revisit later when I’m 100s of iterations into game completion.

I’ve been testing status effects. I wanted to make sure what I wrote down was actually possible in game. For the most part, everything is functional.

In the screenshot above the main character is inflicted with shock (which lowers your defense and resistance) and disable (which prevents you from using items).

Further more, I replaced the neutral characters with game lore related illustrations. These obelisks will appear in battle to alter the playing field in unique ways.

Once I feel comfortable with the foundation of things, I will start production on the next maps and battle. I’m pretty close so I expect this to happen in the coming week.

I would like to make another video soon since I’ve once again changed so much content compared to the previous video. But I think I’ll wait until I have the first year mostly completed.

I’ll let you know what I decide as I move forward. That’s all for now!

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