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Data Entry: Week 4
By dre

Well, that was fun. I’ve managed to enter a good portion of data during the previous week. With this, I can now officially begin work on the first year of the game.

Since I have all the maps planned out, as well as the battles, all that’s left is to enter it into the game engine and start the testing. Unfortunately, it will still take a great deal of time due to the smaller details that tend to pop up. But, maybe it won’t be that bad??

Time will tell!!!!

I don’t really have anything to show this week but just know it’s the weeks like this where I’ve been the busiest. So far, I’ve entered almost 1,000 individual items into the game. I still need to enter at least 300 more including the mobs and other combatants. Ultimately, there will be close to 4,000 items and characters in the game. (most items have 5 different grades)

Just looking at a number like that at face value makes you think, no way I’m doing all that, but it’s already done on paper.

Still, I have plenty of work to be done, soon I hope I can start to show you guys all the content that’s been prepared for this game.

Til next time, be well my friends.

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