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Minor Update: Map Building 3
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By dre

Time again for the weekly update. Another short but sweet post.

I spent a lot of time this week making sure many things in the game functioned properly. Especially the map and battle. I want to make sure I spend as little time as possible back tracking.

After that I finally manage to start building the next maps.

Thanks to all my previous efforts, the process is going smoothly and quickly. The things that will slow me down the most are setting the items, managing the battles and writing the custom events. Besides the events, I still need to consider balancing. Things such as “What should go here?”, “Is this too soon?”, and “How strong should this enemy be?” are going to be questions I’ll need to revisit more than I’d like.

There is also the question of what is the most effective method for getting around the game. Play testing the game chronologically is a really dreadful and time consuming approach. For the time being, I can still get away with cheap short cuts like changing variables, but eventually I’m going to have to make a debug menu so I can get around the game and play any portion as if I’ve been playing from the beginning. Making that tool is going to be (not) fun.

I’ll try to keep up the pace going into the next week. Until then, be well folks.

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