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Data Entry: Week 3
By dre

And so we’re back to the grind of data entry.

This week was mostly spent testing game economics, tightening up UI navigation, and starting data entry again. After looking over everything this week I decided I needed a in game year worth of content to see if the values I set will actually work. I had a few decisions to make. Do I create the remaining data as I go or do I input as much as I can all at once.

As you can see from the title, I chose to blitz as much data as I can. And oooohhhhh boy does it suck. I don’t miss this portion of the game creating process at all. To put it in perspective, I managed to get 1/4 of 1/2 of roughly 1/3 of data entered today. I’ve spent all working day JUST on that portion. I’m hoping I can speed up the process with more time. I really need to get this out of the way since I still have so much more to be done and I can’t stall for too long at this point of the project.

Once I’m done with all that it will be time to fully create the maps for the first year. I have most of the map objects pre-made so I’m ready to hit ground running when the time comes.

That’s it for now, talk to you guys later.

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