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Minor Update: Intro Progress Report 11
By dre

I’m back again for another minor report. Picking up from last week, my goals were to complete the transition animation from one week to the next, redesign some icons and work on character animation. I managed to get through at least half of those goals.

First off, here is a video of the transition animation from one week to the next. (with sound!)

Most of the important events and values will change depending on the current date. For example, the seasons and year will change after the week reaches a certain threshold. Upcoming events will remove themselves from the list once their week has passed. Body related values will increase as the weeks and years go by. Since I only have to keep track of the week or year it is easy to maintain all these unrelated values.

Now that I can play through the game for one week I’m going to go back and work on all the things I’ve skipped. But before that, I’m redesigning some icon I felt didn’t fit the theme. Here is what I have so far. You can see the old icon designs here.

I’m about 40% done with the icon redesigns. Once they’re complete I’ll start animating characters as well as the title screen. Besides the animation the main focus will really be the exploration and battle system. Once that’s all done I can move on with more general game development.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! Lets all have a great and productive week!


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