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Minor Update: Intro Progress Report 10
By dre

There has been some unexpected changes the last week. Please read Moving Forward 3 – Holiday Hustle for more information. Nevertheless, the show goes on, lets go over what I got done this week.

My goal was to complete the intro this week. Well, I am partially done. There are two things that happen when a week ends in Guardian’s Guide. The first is a time transition animation from one week into the next. This is not complete yet. The next is a chart breaking down all the values that changed from one week to the next. This is complete, see below.

Well it’s not completely complete but all the values work as intended. I still need to add scripts connecting it with the rest of the game.

I intentionally focused on the chart last week because it was the most difficult to built and I was still unsure exactly how I wanted it to look and the information I wanted to include. I think I’m comfortable with what I have now. There is a small chance I might adjust it in the future but I doubt it.

For the next week I’ll attempt to get that transition animation complete along with any other detail I missed. After that I’ll work on art, character animation and fine tune the “game week” loop.

This will be a slow holiday period for updates but stick with me. I have some great things plan for the game and many, many things I haven’t shown yet. Until the next update, be well friends.

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