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Moving Forward 3 - Holiday Hustle
By dre

Well, the fated day has arrived. Actually, it arrived many days ago. I have taken on a day job. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later but I didn’t plan it to happen this soon. To make a story short, I received an offer from a friend, and then I took it.

Why, you may wonder? I’m running low on funds. All of Guardian’s Guide has been self funded up to this point. I was doing okay until I got hit with 2 medical emergency’s a few months back. I’m pretty good at ignoring stuff but this wasn’t one of them. It put a pretty big dent in my pocket.

Even with that, I still didn’t want to return to a day job. My hope was to devise a plan to make income and still continue to focus mostly on the game development. Easier said than done. I took a good look at my circumstance and evaluated my position and made the best choice for the future of Guardian’s Guide.

As of right now I plan to work throughout the holiday season. Hopefully this will give me enough time to devise a plan to make income without devoting so much of my time away from game development.

Sadly, this does mean I won’t be able to get as much work done as I’ve been since I’ve started this website. I will attempt to stay focus and properly manage my time so I can have something to show with each minor update.

Once the holiday season is over, I’ll give you guys an update on my position and what I will ultimately decide to do.

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