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Animation: Week 2
By dre

Yes, here I am for another week of updates. And just like I mentioned in the previous update, I have completed all the animations for the available illustrations I have. All that is left is 1 illustration that is still being worked on, once it’s complete I will quickly animate it and that will be all I require as far as illustrations.

With this task out of the way, it is finally time to move on to tackling exploration and battling. I’m not sure how long this will take but I imagine it will be a while. At minimum 2 to 3 months of work I estimate. I need to not only design each map, set each quest line and implement each ability/talent but I also need to test play and balance as I work.

The good news is this is a HUGE part of the game and once I’m done with it I will be much, much closer to release.

Besides that, there are a few things I’m considering to help me stay focus on this project and get some exposure about this game in the public. I will think on it in the coming week and let you guys know by then.

That’s all for now.

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