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Guardian's Guide Dev Blog 9: Party
By dre

In this update, I will be going over parties and the role your companions will play in the game.

If this is your first time here, I’m currently in the process of making a daughter raising sim/RPG titled Guardian’s Guide. I currently plan to have the project completed by the first half of 2024.

These major and minor updates are meant to document the process until the game is officially released.

The video above covers everything well so I’m just going to summarize and emphasize in blog post.

At the start of the second year, you will be able to recruit additional party members. You start out with 3 party members in total. (including the daughter) At the mid game point, you will be able to have up to 4 party members.


Every character will have access to a basic list of skills that will become fully available to purchase after the first 2 years in the game.The skill type you use is based on the weapon your character uses. Human characters use bows, swords and scepters. Your beast companions will use projectiles, melee, and enchantments. They both basically function the same, it just made more sense to separate the equipment this way.

There will also be a list of basic talents, but that list includes exclusive talents relating to the daughters home life. That list will be larger and spread across the first 4 years of the game. For the remaining skills and talents in the game, you will have to meet and recruit all of the companions to gain permanent access to them.


Since the recruitment of companions is based on the yearly progress of the game world, I decided to include other ways to access them, along with their skills and talents, early on in the game’s progress. For example, a traveling merchant might set up a temporary shop in the Parcel Market, or you might run into a vendor while out doing a quest. You could even gain something special while playing a game during a festival event.

The game above is called Game Of Risk. Using chance as a currency, you can attempt to gain lots of items, a few high grade items, or reroll for a specific item. Each new roll will decrease your chance by a fixed amount. Keep in mind, the “Take All” option uses whatever remaining chance you have left.

Will you risk it? Or play it safe and cash out early?

This is just one of the games I have available. Not all games are as interactive as this, but I do want to add two additional games before the full release. Changing the game count from 4 to 6.

Companions will be a key part of this game and will be required to properly complete the game. I hope you will find a party that fits your playstyle once the game is in your hands. (metaphorically speaking)

On that note, my next major goal is to get a steam page up. I want to do this fairly quickly but there is content I want on the steam page that isn’t quite ready yet. This next major update will not only show a bunch of new content, but I will also be updating the Guardian’s Guide landing page with more modern information.

I will make this update in the coming weeks. Please look forward to it and wishlist the game when it becomes available.


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Jessica Skaggs
5 months ago

ohh I cant wait to see more updates! 🙂