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Data Entry: Skills
By dre

I’ve done it folks! I’ve reached a new milestone. I have completely (mostly) implemented all of the documented data into the game. By documented data I mean all of the items the player will interact with. There are hundreds of them in this game and it has taken me many, many, months to get them documented, placed into the game and fully functional.

Functional, that’s the key word here. A good chuck of the items I documented were just my “hope” that they would work the way I envisioned them to. Because of this, I spent much more time than I expected just figuring out how to properly implement the behavior of many items. More often than not, I wanted to give up on some ideas because they were taking so much time to build up but I stuck with them in the end. I hope players in the future will appreciate the extra effort I went through to make everything function together.

With all that said, I’m not 100% sure everything will work as intended. There are hundreds of items and I was moving fairly quickly to get it all implemented. Most of the items I haven’t tested but that’s mainly because they are similar to items I have tested. Also, they include features I am certain work already. The ones I typically test are new and uncertain features. I take this approach because my game loads rather slow at this point in my development. It takes my beefy pc about 30 or so seconds just to test the game and another 30s to get back to the editor. Now multiply that by 5 or 10 cycles of bug fixes before I completely get the item functional and you begin to see why I want to avoid too much testing at this point.

I want to reserve all the testing until I complete the battle and exploration. Speaking of battle, I’ve just completed all of the skills in the game. Here is a preview of one of the skills.


This skill is actually a boss skill, but I’m considering allowing boss skills to also be usable by the player.

Skills are split into 5 categories. Projectile, Melee, Magic, Support and Action. There are a handful of default skills that will be available for the player to buy but the majority of skills will be from beast. Each beast has their own exclusive skill and talent. As you progress through the game you gain access to more and more beast. From these beast, you can take their skills or talents for your own. You can use the beast as is or customize them (or the daughter) how ever you see fit. By the end of the game you will have access to the majority of the skills in game, minus the bosses and certain characters.

I’ll go over beast much more once I release my next video. As for now, it’s time to return to the battle and exploration. Now that I have all of the data in game and ready to use, I can start constructing the actual game again.

I’ve made a few small changes to the battle screen while I was testing talents and skills. I noticed it was difficult to tell which character was who in the turn order menu, so I gave it a bit of color based on the faction of the character. I will also add some naming distinctions in the future.

Besides that, I’ve made a number of changes to the status effect icons on the characters for even more distinction. (Although, you can’t really see them above) And, as usual, I’ve made many bug fixes. (I know there are more waiting, there’s always more…….)

I do have a few more things to do before I fully return to the battle and exploration but next week I will be returning to the victory road for sure. I want to also work on the next video and have that ready by next week. After that, I will begin work on getting the steam page up.

Oh man, so much work to do that isn’t directly related to working on the game. But, it has to be done.

That’s it for this week. I’ll speak with you guys again in the next update.

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