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Minor Update: Year 1
By dre

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site. This is the result of a series of “let me just finish this one part and then I’ll complete this whole section and then I can finally post a major update”. My original goal was to complete the entire first year before I present a major update. At the moment 95% of the first year is complete. So why am I posting a minor update instead of the major?


Fucking bugs everywhere. Every step I take I run into a new bug. I’m trying to record presentable footage but all I get are bugs. I mean, it makes sense considering I haven’t tested most of the newly created content. I was creating as fast as I could since I was fully aware I haven’t updated in many weeks and I thought I was being fairly thorough as I programmed all the events. But all it takes is one of two bugs to fuck up a 10-15 minute video.

Sooooooo frustrating.

So here I am posting a minor update instead. I’m tired and I’ve been working endlessly for days. I’m going to post this update and take a break for the rest of the day.

I’ll use the next week to fix all the bugs and get the correct footage to show you guys the progress of the first year. I’ll also properly update you on the release schedule.

The Mood of the daughter is how I feel after setting a goal to give you guys an major update today but being defeated by endless bugs.

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