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Data Entry: Year 2 and Debugging
By dre

Hello again. This is another week of minor updates. Lets get right to it.

My focus for this week was to get all of the maps for the 2nd year completed. I’d hoped it was possible but I expected it wouldn’t be. My expectations were correct. Nonetheless, I got a lot done. All of the maps in the 2nd year are created but the logic, the battles, and the dialogue still need to be inputted.

The map above is one of the zones that appear in the second half of the 2nd year. There are several regions in the game. What I’ve shown so far is just the grass-like region. The above zone is part of the desert region. From the world map below, you can start to guess what are the other regions of the game.

After I laid out the maps but before I start working on the battle and logic I needed to create a debug tool. As I’ve mentioned in some past post, a debug tool’s purpose is to make testing and moving around the game a lot easier. A problem I quickly ran into was I didn’t design the game to be played jumping from point to point. Rather, it’s designed to be played exclusively linear. So not only did I have to redesign portions of the game so changing the date will work but now I have to keep up with even more data.

It took some time to create but now I have a functional debug tool where I can: change the date(with out completely breaking the game), add as much money as I need, get any item I need for free, change any job proficiency, change the personality traits, change the mood and condition, and finally, any additional functionality I need for the situation. (like testing equipment or certain events)

It wasn’t like I was unable to do some of these things on their own but now I have a single tool where all these options work together. This also provides me a framework to follow so I no longer have to worry about if my debug tool will break in the future.

Even with all that said, the debug tool isn’t perfect. As I mentioned before, the game is designed exclusively linear. Meaning, I have no way to determine how much money I should have after changing the date. I can guesstimate but I will be wrong more often than not, so I’m just not going to worry about it. The debug tool is meant for testing isolated events and battles. The real test will come once I begin playing the game from start to finish.

My goal for the next week is to finish the 2nd year and start/finish the 3rd. I have hope………and that’s about it.

It’s freezing outside right now. Boy do I hate the cold. But I still need to work, this game won’t complete itself. I’ll speak with you guys again next week.

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