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Data Entry: The Next Step
By dre

It’s sunday! So that means it’s time for an update!

I finally completed all of the written story data entry. The final year took the whole week to input. It wasn’t like it was a lot of data but it required a bit more time since it involved multiple routes based on the personality traits the player chooses. Nonetheless, I’m glad I’m finally done with that part. Now I can tackle the real beast of this game, the battle and exploration.

This, without a doubt, will take a while for me to complete. Let me put it into perspective of all I have to do.

I have to construct all of the maps, which there are 50+ I have ready. In those maps I have to set and program the battles, items, and events. Also in those maps, I have to construct all the additional stage enhancements (particle effects, shaders, UI) I have planned in my head. For the battles I have to build, plan, create, and test every character so the game is balanced from start to finish. Also in the battles, I have to create all the custom events I have planned. (since this “feature” is not part of the tool I use, this requires some tinkering on my end)

For the quest themselves, oh boy…… So when I first completed the writing of the story dialogue, I felt I was finally making progress. I figured writing the quest dialogue would be easy and quick. Well, it was indeed “easier” but I made a huge miscalculation. The dialogue for the quest is large. I mean, really large. Some of the year’s text density are twice as large as the story’s dialogue. This is mostly because the quest dialogue includes text from events that happen during the exploration. But, some of the dialogue from the final 3 years are just immense. I used a few quests to explain the lore of the world and got carried away.

Regardless of the reason, the text for the quest is fucking humongous and will be a huge time sink. All of the battle and exploration will take time.

But, I have a time limit, so I will be working extra hard to get all of this done. The good news is, this is it. This is the largest portion of the game that needs to be completed. Once this is done, technically the game will be playable from start to finish. But there are a few other things, about 10-20% of content that still needs to be completed besides the battle and exploration. I am leaving them for later since they are low priority at the moment.

On top of all that, my dumb brain can’t help but keep thinking of more content that I feel would be fun for the game. Stop brain, I’m suppose to be completing the game.

Well, I’ll talk to you guys again next week. I’ll start showing you screenshots of the maps as I complete them so you can see some progress. I’ve been waiting months just to get to this point. So exciting!!


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